Using biomass grass for getting biofuell

In Ludza on April 13 2015,  were informative seminars for farmers on the Rural Development Programme for news and events. One of speakers were Water Research laboratory scientist Linda Mezule. She speaks about using biomass grass for getting biofuell.

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Vides risinājumu institūts

Riga Technical University scientists in cooperation with Ltd. «Vides risinājumu institūts» and colleagues from Durmishidze Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Georgian produced biofuels from hogweed, straw and algae.

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At the end of Year 2014 a newspaper «Dienas Bizness»

At the end of the Year 2014 a newspaper «Dienas Bizness» posted the article about our researchers and laboratory. In this article, Linda Mezule said  «I have to disappoint You. Here, underneath it all, doesn’t hide sexy story about any accidental romantic discoveries. We just developed a technology that allows identified existing bacteria in drinking water and one of the main conditions was speed of the test. Our developed test finished this task in two hours».


Our laboratories visited by representatives from the Boeing Company

May 9th our laboratories visited by representatives from the Boeing Company: Ms. Kimberly Pearson (Regional Director, BCA International Business Development), Dr. Joanna Szydlo-Moore (BCA Director Research, Technology and Engineering), Mr. Mark Norris (BCA Sales) and Mr. Roberto Molina (BR&T-E Madrid). They were accompanied by Gundega Ose and Agnese Buša from Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and Laila Elina and Gatis Bažbauers from RTU.


Riga Technical University and magazine «Būvinženieris» has made the joint project.

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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing has released a new book

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing has released a new book «NOM Removal from Water and its Influence on the Drinking Water Quality: Natural organic matter removal from water and its influence on the water quality in distribution network» by Kristina Tihomirova (Publishing date: October 26, 2011). The book is available on and

Improve drinking water quality in Jelgava

The experts from WRL was invited to assist in to improve drinking water quality in Jelgava  which is the fourth major cities in Latvia.

According to agreement between  SIA Jelgavas ūdens ( and WRL, our experts should use standardized Resuspension Pothential method (RPM) to prioritize flushing programe to reduce the risk of drinking water  discoloration in networks. Information on the WRL staff activities in Jelgava can be found in the local newspaper.

Open mind

Congratulations to Swedbank’s scholarship competition winners OPEN MIND. The solemn ceremony was named in eight exploratory work of authors that have been granted scholarships for high OPEN MIND 500 lats.

One of the winners is our team member Alīna Neščerecka with work «Drinking water quality changes in the water distribution system» (Riga Technical University)


Scientists of Riga Technical University in Latvia

Scientists of Riga Technical University in Latvia are researching what actions should be taken to avoid and prevent extensive water pollution in biological terrorist attacks to water supply systems.


Talis Juhna at TEDx Riga 2013

The invisible water: Talis Juhna at TEDx Riga 2013.

In his speech, Dr. Juhna directs our attention to the increasing urbanization, that drives the necessity for well developed and accessible water supply network.

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