Honorary Consul of Mexico in Latvia Mr. Carlos Arredondo Martinez

On Friday September 11th members of Water research laboratory Talis Juhna and Janis Rubulis together with Honorary Consul of Mexico in Latvia Mr. Carlos Arredondo Martinez were in Skype meeting with several representatives of State of Puebla in Mexico (M.Sc. Luis Banck Serrato, Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport of the of the State of Puebla; Omar Viveros Hernandez, Assistant to the Secretary; Norberto Hernandez Hernandez, Head of the Office of Management Support and Coordination with Municipalities and Water Operating Authorities; Daniel David Roura Xoxotla / HI-PRO Ecologicos, S.A. de C.V., Government Sales Manager), members of company State Commission on Water and Sanitation (CEAS) (Victor Julio Casiano Urrutia, General Directo and Rene Rivera, Supervisor ) and members of company Hipro Ecologicos, S.A. de C.V (Ramiro Zapata Salas, General Director). During the meeting was discussed possible future cooperation in field of sustainable water quality management of the Atoyac River.


In October 2015th our team will start working on a new Project POMACEA (Affordable technology for mitigation of membrane (bio)fouling through oPtimizatiOn of pre- treatMent And ClEAnIng methods).

Project is approved under INNO INDIGO Joint Call 2014 – Clean Water and Health and addressed to the challenge of «Development and applications of membrane technology in water purification/sanitation». The main objective of the project is to find an optimal technology and operation mode for effective membrane performance and longevity. The resulting approach will be tested in a case study carried out in India.

Research teams from India (CSIR-CSMCRI; CSIR-IICT) and EU-Member States, namely Portugal (UPORTO, European coordinator), Germany (TUBS) and Latvia (RTU) will be involved in the project implementation.

Strategic research collaboration between Wetsus

On June 25th 2015, an Memorandum of Understanding was penned between Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology (The Netherlands) and RTU which marked a strategic research collaboration between Wetsus, one of the leader in water technology and innovation and RTU, the oldest technical university in the Baltics.

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Decontamination of water supply systems after deliberate pollution

Kamila Gruskevica successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled «Decontamination of water supply systems after deliberate pollution» on 18th June 2015, with Tālis Juhna as her supervisor.
The jury of the defense was:
Anatolijs Borodiņecs (RTU), Oļģerts Nikodemus (LU),
Illkka Miettinen (Kuopio University).

Summary of PhD thesis

The EuroNanoForum 2015

On 10th to 12th June Linda Mezule, Brigita Dalecka presented them ideas  and Talis Juhna were co-chair on Euro Nano Forum 2015. The EuroNanoForum 2015 is a meeting point for industry, science and policy.

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Euro Nano Forum 2015 home page

We had developed concept of intelligent engineering and technology centre in Kipsala. It aims to promote development of technology

Latvian Education and Science Ministry from ERAF diverted 11,87 million Euro to arrange scientific institution. From this money 2,5 million Euro goes to Riga Technical University. «We had developed concept of intelligent engineering and technology centre in Kipsala. It aims to promote development of technology» said Talis Juhna.

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WIRE 2015

From 3 till 5 of June senior researcher Jānis Rubulis attended conference WIRE 2015, which was held on Riga Latvian Society house. Conference brings together policy makers, entrepreneurs, and researchers from Europe. One of the main goals discussed in WIRE 2015 was solutions for better opportunities for research and innovation collaboration between Regions and to present the key aspects and good examples of synergies between Research Framework programme, Structural Funds projects and other funding resources.

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Research slam

Like every year bachelor and doctorate students in «Research slam» presents new scientific ideas in simply way. This year finalists presents «pink glasses of augmented reality», «peculiarities of our thinking», «false memory effect on witnesses»smart fabricperspectives of stem cell and Hippocampus.

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Latvian water works and waste water association

One of the leading Latvian professional associations «Latvian waterworks and wastewater association» (LŪKA) celebrated their twenty-fifth birthday on 22.05.2015. LŪKA is grateful for the cooperation with Riga Technical University.

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The first International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering

Linda Mezule was in 12th International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering, 19-22 May 2015, – Milano. ICheaP-12 is the twelfth event in a series of biannual events started in 1993 with «The first International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering» organized by AIDIC, the Italian Association of Chemical Engineering. Linda participated with poster «Fermentable Sugar Production from Lignocellulosic Waste».

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