Researcher at RTU

On 18th to 21th May 2015, two students from Sweden Chalmers University of Technology,  Anielka Salinas Niedbalski and Victor Vinas, were visiting Riga within them Master theses. In these days they were visiting the installations of Riga’s surface water treatment plant to collect data for our thesis project. The tour served to get a first-hand account of the plant and, afterwards, to interview Baiba Gulbe and Kamila Gruskevica (researcher at RTU) about the current situation of drinking water in Latvia.

Biobutanol production possibilities from lignocellulosic biomass

On May 17th in Sigulda was a seminar about control measures of hogweed spread and alternative use of biomass. Where Linda Mezule presented «Biobutanol production possibilities from lignocellulosic biomass».

More information about seminar and Grasservice.

Biosystems Engineering 2015

On 7th and 8th May Brigita Dalecka, Kristine Rugele and Linda Mezule were in Tartu, Estonia, in conference «Biosystems Engineering 2015». The Biosystems Engineering aims to become the leading annual conference in Baltic region in fields related to traditional and modern engineering techniques and technical solutions applied to biological systems.

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Being one-step ahead is the key to success

«Being one-step ahead is the key to success» article about technology and company NeoZeo, where researcher is Kristine Rugele (Competence Centre project).

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Anaerobic digestion of dairy residues and process enhancement using composite materials from industrial wastes

The Thesis of Kristine Rugele «Anaerobic digestion of dairy residues and process enhancement using composite materials from industrial wastes» for the doctoral degree in engineering sciences was publicly defended on the 12th March 2015, at the Riga Technical University, Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chesmistry. Supervisors: Assoc. Prof., Juris Vanags and Prof., Tālis Juhna.

Conference «Transactions 2.0- Startup buying and selling»

On 28th April Talis Juhna take place in conference «Transactions 2.0 Startup buying and selling». Together with Antons Adamovics he presents Water Research Laboratory Startup «From a Science Idea to a Product: e.g. Conelum».

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Flow Cytometry for Routine Analysis of Drinking Water

On Thursday, 23th April 2015, were Dr. Frederik Hammes lecture «Flow Cytometry for Routine Analysis of Drinking Water». Meetings, practical experiments and the lecture took place during his visit.

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Gallery from the visit in “Daugava” Water Purification Station

Green Bridge Forum 2015

On April 16, 2015 in «Green Bridge Forum 2015» Talis Juhna (leader of the Water Research Group) presented ideas and advances in green technologies by Water Engineering and Technologies department.

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Hannover Messe 2015

On 13th April Linda Mezule was in «Hannover Messe 2015». It is the world’s leading show for industrial technology highlights innovations and groundbreaking solutions in all the core sectors – i.e. industrial automation and IT, energy and environmental technology, industrial supply, production engineering and services, as well as research and development. Linda Mezule there presented technology for getting biofuels from agricultural waste, weeds, straw and wood waste.

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In our laboratory were journalists from Latvian Television

On April 14 2015, in our laboratory were journalists from Latvian Television.
They asked Brigita Dalecka, our scientific assistant in Water Research Laboratory, about our technologies how to make biobutanol from hogweed.

Watch video from 23:15 min.