PoVE Water project has major impact on drinking water and wastewater treatment plant operator training in Latvia

At the end of 2019, the Latvian delegation joined the PoVE Water consortium. In the coming years, Latvian partners were able to travel abroad and acquire training experience from consortium partners. It is worth noting that due to political decisions in the past decade vocational education in the water sector was ruled a non-priority in Latvia.

We are proud to announce that by attracting additional European funding, in October of 2022 vocational education and training for operators has resumed in Vidzeme Technical School of Technology and Design, which is located in the town of Cēsis. This particular training course will continue until October 2023.

At the moment, 16 experienced operators are sharpening their skills in lectures, workshops and many excursions to drinking water and wastewater treatment plants. In parallel several industrial teachers and teachers from higher education institutions have started work on common educational material development for vocational and training education level. The aforementioned educational materials will be used for VET level education of 20  students  from September 2024. This education program could not be started without contributions from Kristīne Rebinova from Vidzeme Technical School of Technology and Design, Gunta Tilaka from Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, Jānis Zviedris from CLEANTECH Latvia cluster, Sandis Dejus from Latvian water and wastewater work association, Jānis Rubulis from Riga Technical University  and many other industry experts.