M.Sc., researcher Viktorija Denisova

  • E-pasts: viktorija.denisova@rtu.lv

Main research interests: 

  • Quantitative Microbial risk assessment for small water supply systems
  • Detection of pathogens in drinking water biofilm using FISH method

Major publications:

  1. Comparison of phosphorus removal efficiency of conventional activated sludge system and sequencing batch reactors in a wastewater treatment plant, Denisova, V., Tihomirova, K., Neilands, J., (…), Mezule, L., Juhna, T., 2020, Agronomy Research, 18(Special Issue 1), pp. 771-780
  2. Denisova, V., Mezule, L., Electrochemical/granular Activated Carbon Hybrid System for Drinking Water Disinfection at Flow Conditions, 2019, Chemical Engineering Transactions 74, pp. 1303-1308
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