Funding source:
Ministry of Education and Science Republic of Latvia (R 7192)


Principal investigator:
Jānis Rubulis

Persons involved: Inna Lukjaņeca, Tālis Juhna, Sergejs Nazarovs, Aivars Spalviņš, Andrejs Koliškins, Jānis Sproģis


Datorzinātnes un informācijas tehnoloģijas fakultātes (DITF). Inženiermatemātikas katedra (IK), Vides modelēšanas centru (VMC) un Būvniecības fakultātes (BF) Siltuma, gāzes un ūdens tehnoloģijas institūta (SGŪTI) Ūdens inženierijas un tehnoloģijas katedru

Brief description of the project:

The processes occurring in water distribution are complex and are not completely understood. The net effect of all these operative processes on bacterial regrowth is difficult to explain by a heuristic approach such as multiple regression analysis of observation made at monthly at various station though a distribution networks. The mechanistic models will enable to better understand the interaction between different factors and give a novel insight into bacterial regrowth phenomena. Unlike others for this models will be made verification in lab-scale conditions to specify regrowth rate and substrate consumption coefficient of biofilm bacteria. For the first time phenomena of both carbon and phosphorus consumption for bacterial growth and development of two species of bacteria in biofilm will be studied using regrowth model.