Funding source:
Riga Technical university (ZP-2009/11)


Principal investigator:
Jānis Rubulis

Persons involved:

Māris Štrauss, Edgars Grundbergs, Gints Jaudzems, Simona Larsona, Kristina Tihomirova, Artūrs Māss, Tālis Juhna


“Akvedukts” Ltd., Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (LS IWC)

Brief description of the project:

The filamentous green algae poses serious problems in garden pounds. In favorable conditions they can cause unsightly nuisance, inhibit growth of other plants and clog the pumps and filters.

To control the algae in garden pounds the role of chemical compounds produced during decay of birch wood were tested.

The alternative materials for sorbtion of phosphorus were examined.