Dr.Sc.ing., senior researcher Kamila Gruskevica

  • E-pasts: Kamila.Gruskevica@rtu.lv

Main research interests:

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Distribution networks
  • Decontamination after deliberate pollution

Full papers in Conference Proceedings:

  1. Comparison of phosphorus removal efficiency of conventional activated sludge system and sequencing batch reactors in a wastewater treatment plant, Denisova, V., Tihomirova, K., Neilands, J., (…), Mezule, L., Juhna, T., 2020, Agronomy Research
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  2. Sol-gel auto-combustion synthesis of Ca2Fe2O5 brownmillerite nanopowders and thin films for advanced oxidation photoelectrochemical water treatment in visible light, Vanags, M., Spule, A., Gruškeviča, K., (…), Vlassov, S., Šutka, A., 2019, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 7(4),103224
  3. Alkaline activated material as the adsorbent for uptake of high concentration of zinc from wastewater, Gruskevica, K., Bumanis, G., Tihomirova, K., Bajare, D., Juhna, T., 2017, Key Engineering Materials, 721 KEM, pp. 123-127
  4. Frolova, M., Tihomirova, K., Mežule, L., Rubulis, J., Gruškeviča, K., Juhna, T. Evaluation of Pre-Treatment Technologies for Phosphorous Removal from Drinking Water to Mitigate Membrane Biofouling. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 2017, Vol.251, 1.-8.lpp. ISSN 1757-8981. e-ISSN 1757-899X. Pieejams: doi:10.1088/1757-899X/251/1/012127
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