Jānis Rubulis from RTU Department of Water Engineering and Technology and Water Systems and Biotechnology Institute is leading the process of development of the Center of Vocational excellence (CoVE). During the development process our team closely working with the Latvian Employers Confederation, the Latvian water and wastewater works association, and the clean technology cluster Cleantech Latvia. In the first round in CoVE will be involved RTU Technology College of Olaine, Vidzeme Technology and Design Vocational School, and Daugavpils Construction Technical School. This year, a memorandum of cooperation is scheduled to be signed, setting out the objectives of all mentioned stakeholders, defining the goals to be achieved for the upcoming 2 years. The main goals for upcoming years will be: (1) assessment of Vocational education and training (VET) teachers competencies and knowledge; (2) Development of modular education program (EQF 4) for waterworks and companies of waste management; (3) Testing of the above-mentioned module on water work workers; (4) Creating recognition of water industry professions among young people; (5) Restoration of material and technical base of VET; and (6) Application of work-based learning (WBL) principle in the water sector. That kind of cooperation is adopted from partners in the Netherlands where public-private partnerships are in high demand. The short explanation from our partners from Platform of Vocational Education can be seen in this video which was given by Pieter Moerman (We are Katapult) on the 30th of April during the info session about the CoVE call 2021.