On 1st to 6th of October our researchers Viktorija Denisova, Sandis Dejus, and Brigita Dalecka participated in the 11th Eastern European Young Water Professionals Conference organized by International Water Association. The Eastern European Young Water Professionals Conference brings together almost 200 water and environment-related young professionals from across the globe and verifies how the young water professionals are making an impact across the sector. Moreover, in terms of the conference the capacity development and training sessions are taking place to develop skills of our future water leaders to tackle the demands from the water sector.

In this conference, Sandis gave the platform presentation “Industrial Wastewater Discharge to Municipal Sewer System in Countries of Baltic Sea Region” while Viktorija presented her poster “Automated electrochemical system for water disinfection” giving an insight of EDI-001 system potential use of drinking water disinfection. During this conference, Brigita presented her thesis work about using the filamentous fungi for diclofenac removal from municipal wastewater. Furthermore, Brigita was awarded for the best platform presentation. Congratulation!

We also are pleased to inform you that the next Eastern European Young Water Professionals Conference will be held in Riga and organized by the International Water Association cooperating with our researcher Sandis Dejus and Riga Technical University. More information