Partners meeting during ERDF measure 2nd round project

From May 2019 Water Research laboratory in cooperation with LLC “Bio RE” executes ERDF measure “Support for applied research” 2nd round project “Zero-to-low-waste technology for simultaneous production of liquid biofuel and biogas from biomass”.

Project aims to develop and enhance biological technologies for biomass processing, design a system for efficient recovery of produced fermentable sugars, work on enhancement of anaerobic digestion by introducing technologies that allow to process fats and oils. Furthermore, re-use of overall wastes will be evaluated.

Project kick-off meeting on 3rd May 2019 gathered representatives from both scientific and administrative personnel in both partners.

On 26th August second partner meeting was organised. Scientific achievements were presented from both teams. Water Research laboratory researchers presented latest achievements in collection of fungal enzymes. New protocol for production is under development. Moreover, first practical and theoretical tests for sugar recovery system have been carried out. LLC “Bio RE” presented the results about freezing/thawing technology of digestate and first results about potentially valuable flocculants for waste processing technology design.

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