From 2nd to 12th of July the Water Research Laboratory researcher Sandis Dejus, visited the Republic of South Africa, where he met with the Cape Penisula University of Technology (…/appliedsc…/departments/biotechnology) representatives and Emanti Management Ltd (

During the visit, seminars took place at the University of Biotechnology where academics and scientists shared their experience on the organization of academic and scientific processes and discussed possible future models of cooperation between the Riga Technical University and the Cape Penisula University of Technology. The seminars concluded that both universities had similar work organization and issues, so it was found that there were a number of common denominators and solutions that each of the teams could take over and perfect in their daily work.

During the visit, Emanti Management Ltd took place a seminar on drinking water safety plans and their implementation. The organizers of the seminar have developed many and different drinking water safety plans and risk assessments. The company is one of the wealthiest experts in the industry throughout Africa. In the Republic of South Africa, such plans have already been introduced for more than 10 years, so during the seminar, many nuances and action models were learned to implement drinking water safety plans in Latvia as well as possible.