The 2×2 World Latvian Youth Seminar

From 26th of December to 1th of January our laboratory doctoral students Sandis Dejus and Brigita Dalecka participated in the 2×2 World Latvian Youth Seminar. The 2×2 seminar was created in the sixties of the last century, bringing together exiled Latvians to the United States, but since 2015 «2×2» is taking place in Latvia, bringing together young people for a week, and inviting them to think, discuss, and get together with creative, interesting lecturers. This year, in Latvia, the first 2×2 winter seminar was held in which Sandis and Brigita guide the direction «Science and Technology». At the same time as a lecturer, our laboratory leader, Talis Juhna, led the lecture on the nature of science and its role in engineering. Also, during the whole week, young people got acquainted with the basic work of research and learned more about the quality of drinking water in Latvia.

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Photo: Jurgis Rikveilis

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