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Open mind

Congratulations to Swedbank’s scholarship competition winners OPEN MIND. The solemn ceremony was named in eight exploratory work of authors that have been granted scholarships for high OPEN MIND 500 lats. One of the winners is our team member Alīna Neščerecka with work «Drinking water quality changes in the water distribution system» (Riga Technical University) Congratulations!

Scientists of Riga Technical University in Latvia

Scientists of Riga Technical University in Latvia are researching what actions should be taken to avoid and prevent extensive water pollution in biological terrorist attacks to water supply systems. Read more in lsm.lv

Talis Juhna at TEDx Riga 2013

The invisible water: Talis Juhna at TEDx Riga 2013. In his speech, Dr. Juhna directs our attention to the increasing urbanization, that drives the necessity for well developed and accessible water supply network. Full speech in video


Ceremonial opening of unique pilot facility for drinking water research during deliberate contamination with biological agents (Secureau) in Riga Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering Following links: http://www.secureau.eu/ http://www.rtu.lv/content/view/5495/1659/lang,lv/ http://galerija.rtu.lv/index.php/Udens-apgades-sistemas-pilotiekarta http://www.rtu.lv/content/view/5518/1890/lang,lv/