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Stakeholders’ Meeting on Challenges in the Water Technology Sector in Europe and Latvia

On October 23 representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia in cooperation with members of Riga Technical University Water research and biotehnology laboratory held iWatermap stakeholders’ meeting on challenges in the water technology sector in Europe and Latvia. The meeting was a part of a series of events aimed at increasing the […]

It is hoped that Covid-19 will soon be measured in sewers

Water Research and Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory  (WREB) of RTU together with partners already developed methods and prove that it is possible to monitor wastewaters and detect the virus presence. Research takes place within the framework of the program “Multidisciplinary approach to monitoring, control and control of COVID19 and other future epidemics in Latvia” (COV-MITIGATE) funded by the […]

A special robot is made to fight Covid-19

In cooperation with representatives of Riga Technical University (RTU), including Water research and environmental biotechnology laboratory (WREBL) scientists, and several other higher education and research organizations, a special cleaning robot is being created in Latvia, with the help of which it will be possible to disinfect various surfaces, thus fighting Covid-19, reports Latvian Television program […]

Development of a new type of protective masks / respirators

Scientists from Riga Technical University (RTU),  including Water research and environmental biotechnology laboratory (WREBL) scientists, coming to the aid of fighting Covid-19, are developing a new type of protective masks, which at the same time also perform the function of a respirator. They are the first respirators of this kind in the world, reports the […]

Presentations from the workhsop “Technologies for Covid-19 Risk Reduction in Healthcare and High Risk (National Research Program “Covid-19 Mitigation”)”

On 16.10.2020. the team of the National Research Program “Covid-19 Mitigation” project “Integration of Safe Technologies for Protection against Covid-19 in Healthcare and High-Risk Areas” held a seminar in Riga, Āzenes 12, on current issues related to SARS-CoV-2 and its prevalence. The main topics were related to epidemiology, vaccine development, disinfectants, self-protective equipment. More information […]

iWatermap project infodoodle

The iWatermap project has identified the self-assessment of the Latvian water sector and the main collected data have been visualized using an infodoodle. More information about the project here. Water sector self – assessment (pdf file in good quality).